Spend less time on banner management, more on achieving your goals

Knowing the impression count is not enough. Knowing whether your potential client actually saw your ad for more than a split second is key.

Upload banners from your favourite tools, no coding required.

Whether you use Hype, Google Web Designer or something else, we’ve got your back. Airserve is tool agnostic, meaning that you can use any tool that can export HTML, images or videos.

All-in-one solution

Airserve allows you to address all your banner management needs in one place.

  1. Organization: You can organize your banners by company, brands and campaigns so you have a natural place to store banners for your clients.
  2. Hosting & serving: Airserve uses industry leading cloud storage and content distribution networks (CDN) to ensure fast delivery of your banners.
  3. Measure: Automatically measure impressions, viewable impressions and clicks in near real-time.
  4. Reporting: You can analyse your banner statistics in multiple ways to gain insight into their performance. You can even invite your clients to view the reports directly.

Upload once, display anywhere

Gone are the days when you had to maintain multiple versions of a banner.

Upload once: Upload your content into Airserve and send the same link to each medium that will display it.

Edit live banners: Airserve allows you to fix typos, replace images or make any other changes you need to make. There is no need to send a new link to the website displaying the ad, it will automatically update.

Google analytics parameters: We know many of you want to track landing pages with Google Analytics. This is why we dynamically insert UTM variables into your banner links, so you can always see where a click came from.

Low barrier of entry

Our transparent pricing combined with near real-time impression tracking means that your costs can be predicted at any given time.

  • Our plans starts at only $130
  • Your monthly bill scales with your banner impressions, which means you only pay for what you use.
  • You can view your current and projected billing status at any time from your billing overview.

See pricing for more details.

Let’s get started

Airserve is the perfect display platform for busy designers. Create content with your favorite tools, upload to Airserve and send it to any web publishers.

Join the list of successful Airserve customers and start publishing without sacrificing your creative time.