Measure results of your ads across all mediums

Host your ads in our cloud in a simple and affordable manner. We offer accurate statistics for impressions, clicks and visibility (inscreen).

Airserve features

Save time

Airserve simplifies all administrative work for web-ads - hosting, administration and statistics all in one place.


Designers, planners, marketing deparment, clients and others can get access to the data that is most relevant to them.

Access control

Access control is configurable on company or brand levels as required.


Gathering the important statistics for the company, brand, campaign or a single ad is quick and simple.

Cloud hosted

We use cloud solutions combined with advanced caching at both server and browser to offer a fast yet affordable solution

Save money

Simpler administration and hosting leads to less work and expenses.

Uploading banners has never been simpler

You can upload images or banners from a designer via a nice user interface.

  • Changed your mind? No problem

    It is easy to replace the banner or individual files, even after the ad has gone live. No need to send an update to the medium.

  • Create your own ad-rotation

    You can group two or more ads together and let Airserve rotate them within the same ad-slot.


Detailed statistics

We measure the usual suspects such as impressions and clicks. In addition we measure the inscreen ratio (viewable impressions) of each impression.

  • Periodic reports

    Create montly or weekly reports, or define a custom daterange that suits your needs.

  • Statistics for each company, brand, campaign or ad

    Airserve suits everyone from small companies to large advertising agencies that manage a large number of clients and brands. We tailor the solution to your needs and that is reflected in the pricing.

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